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Seek Him Diligently

Photo credit to Aaron Burden on Unsplash


If you are someone wanting to grow closer to God, I am sure that you are constantly looking

for ways to seek Him. If I were to ask you what that looked like, I think that many people would list things close to the following:

  • By going to church services

  • Listening to worship music

  • Reading our Bibles

Now, please understand me, those are all certainly great ways that we can seek Him, but they aren’t the only avenues out there. 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NIV) says “Look to the Lord and

His strength; seek His face always.”


As humans, we can’t always be at church services (that only happens a few times a week), we can’t always be listening to worship music (most grocery stores don’t play it), and we can’t always be reading our Bibles (children have school and adults have jobs).

For that reason, I am led to believe that it is not about our physical actions seeking Him, it’s about our heart’s desire.

For example, going to a book club might not be your typical idea of a way to get closer to God, but if we go into it with the right mindset and intent, I think it can be. If you are striving to form deeper relationships with God-fearing friends and are wanting to see Him reveal more of Himself through the book, then I would whole-heartedly say that counts as seeking Him.

Looking at the dictionary’s definition of the word diligently, we see that one of the meanings is ‘not carelessly’. If we are hoping to seek Him in all that we do - whether that means going to church or going to the grocery store -, that isn’t careless; it’s quite the opposite.

I encourage you, reader, to keep this in mind as you go about your days.

Will you seek Him diligently?

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