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Poetic Surrender

 Poetic Surrender is a collection of poetry
ranging in topics from prayer to animals.
Each of these sixty poems is an observation and 
acknowledgment of the Creator.

Published pieces

Below are links and descriptions to all the places my work has been published.

Image by Andrew Sterling

The Importance of Awe (article)

Published by the Rebelution, this article portrays the need for awe.

Image by amjd rdwan

What If I Told You?


Published by Kingdom Pen, this poems asks a simple question.

Image by Patrick Fore

3 Tips for Increasing Your Prayer Time (article)

Published by the Rebelution, this article gives tips for praying more.


The Life of a Writer

(poetry anthology)

I had three poems included in this self-published collection.


When He Came


Published by Unlocked, this poem talks about Jesus's humble arrival.

Autumn Road

The Savior's Sacrifice (poem)

Published by Story Anchor, this poem tells a story of sacrifice.


Three First of Christ (and Three of Our Lasts)

Published by the Rebelution, this article focuses on firsts and lasts.

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