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Recommended Free Writing Resources

Photo credit to Christin Humes.


Today's post is going to be a collection of my favorite (free!) writing resources. It can be expensive to pay for books and programs and time-consuming to find valuable places that provide reliable information. Because of that, I wanted to share what I have found. Let me know in the comments below if you'd heard of any of these!


Thomas Umstattd is amazing. Not only does he run two wonderful podcasts, but both are completely free! He covers topics from audiobook production to author interviews and I know that I'll be thankful for and listening to him for years to come.

YouTube channels:

While I don't watch a huge amount of either one of these author's content, what I've seen has helped me and answered some questions. I especially love Abbie's older videos and K. M. Weiland's shorts - I recommend you look into each!


Not only do these two girls have really fun writing and reading blogs, but they are also fellow students over on The Young Writer's Workshop. I always get excited when I see they posted something new and love the heart they have behind their content.


Newsletters are really great ways to support other authors, see behind the scenes information on the writing process, and hear exciting updates about publications. These are two of my favorites to be on (though they are certainly very different) and I hope that you enjoy them as well.

Library cards:

Now, I know that I mentioned above that books on writing can get expensive, but here is an underused way to get around the price: library cards! They are completely free and allow you to check out whatever books you want whenever you want. As I so often say, great writers must be great readers.

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Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown
Jan 21

Aw, Molly, seeing my newsletter linked here made me so happy 🥰 There are a few of these I haven't check out yet, so thank you!

Molly McTernan
Molly McTernan
Jan 21
Replying to

Yours feels so cozy and I am always excited to see you pop into my inbox 💕 Yes, I've loved using all of these (but especially the podcasts)!

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